Scrapbook Paper Owl Garland


I L.O.V.E owls… well the modern retro owls that seem to be everywhere these days. So much so, I brought my youngest two’s bedding in an owl theme, just because I love them so much. So… when it came time to decide on a theme for DD#5’s 1st birthday party – it was instantly OWLS!! I then decided that I was going to make as much as I could – just for fun! I tossed around ideas for bunting, and checked out pinterest. I saw a few awesome ones… made of felt, or sewn together out of fabric and card stock. Then I saw the post for this one and fell in love. Since it is a first birthday party, I want the theme to be bright and cheerful too. These fit the bill! I know you love them too, so I’ll add pictures here of how I made the owls.

First, I downloaded the pdf file from here: Scrapbook Paper Owl Garland Pattern

Then I went through my box of barely touched scrap-booking papers and pulled out 12 different papers.  I then cut out the owl, traced it onto the different pieces of paper. So I ended up with 12 differently patterned owls. I then cut up the template to get the wing shapes, beak and the eye shapes and repeated the same thing as I had done with the main body.

As you can see – starting from the upper left (not including the glue stick!) I cut out: 12 large eye pieces, 12 yellow beaks, 12 owls, 24 wings and 24 small eyes. From here it’s just preference how you put them together. They are super easy no matter how you decide to do it!

I put the wings on first. Obviously 😉

Sorry about the lighting in this, and the next picture… the design on the paper didn’t show up unless I messed around with the contrast level. Next, glue the beak to the large eye piece.

Glue small eye pieces to the large one.

Then glue the face onto the main body and done! So cute!! Easy peasy!!

All the owls completed. Just in case you were wondering, I did 12 because that’s how long DD#5 has been with us… 12 months… 12 owls. 😉

I then let then dry over night and then continued on.

I taped the owls onto the grosgrain ribbon I found at Joanns. I was lucky with the size of the owls and the space between the letters… it made my OCD happy that it was all even. Hey… it’s the small things that count!

And done! Her birthday is not for  two weeks, but I feel like I am starting to get ready.

I LOVE it! It turned out so well, I was kinda sad to take it down after I was done taking the photos! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together on the big day 🙂

Originating link: Owl Themed Baby Shower


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