First Birthday Outfit

I can’t believe that my little itty bitty is turning 1 in just 10 days. Since I am wanting to make it an awesome day for the both of us (we are having a combined party, since I turn even older on May 23rd). And carrying on the owl theme, I crocheted a small owl for her onsie and made her a rainbow tutu to dress up in.

I brought the pattern for this applique owl on Ravelry. If you are interested, please click the link: Applique Crochet Owl pattern I used embroidery thread to make this and an size 5 crochet hook. I then used stitch witchery to bond it to the onesie and sewed around the edges to make sure it would stay on completely.

The tutu was a little more problematic. DD#5 is a tiny little person (just making 17.5lbs at last Drs appointment). I measured her waist for the elastic, and no matter what I did, it would fall down. I searched pinterest for a different idea and stumbled upon the one that finally worked for me! No Sew TuTu It’s just an image *grrrrrs* But it’s very simple.

Cut a length of ribbon – I chose to use the same ribbon I’d used on Scrapbook Paper Owl Garland. I then measured out the tulle to 22 inches in the rainbow colours I was using. Then it was simply tying it all on. It took approximately 20 minutes, because DD#5 is so small, and it looked fantastic. It had the added bonus of my being able to tighten it appropriately. Awesomness! And now… Picture spam of my Little Miss in her birthday finery!


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