Flag Banner

Continuing on with my attempt to make most of the decorations for the first birthday party on Saturday, I made this flag banner today, out of the same paper I made the owl banner from. Scrapbook Paper Owl Garland – if you are interested! This was super easy to make too!

I cut out four triangles and four circles from each sheet of paper. The width of the triangle at the top is 4 inches and I used the inside of a ball jar lid circle to make the circles. Just incase that’s not clear, some ball jar lids come in two parts. I took out the flat part, then used a pencil to go around the inner circle of the screw top! 🙂

I then decided which spots went with which triangles and glued them all together. I have OCD, so they all had to be the same.

Once they were all glued together, I got out some wide-ish (1 inch) rainbow ribbon and using the glue dot roll on adhesive that I love so very much, stuck the triangles to the ribbon with about an inch of space between them.

I ended up making two (so far). One to go around the bar we have out in the pool lanai.

And this smaller one to go across the second sliding glass door. I think they turned out so well, I am going to use the left over ones I have to make a longer on to go across the ceiling, right in front of where the pool screening starts. Yay! 🙂

Originating link: Pretty Parties: Paper Flag Banners


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