S’mores French Toast




What do you get when you mix challah bread, marshmellow fluff, chocolate graham crackers and nutella? You get marshmellow chocolate heaven!

My girls hung around the kitchen like little flies, watching with huge eyes as I mixed the eggs, vanilla and cinnamon. Their little mouths hung open in wonder at I coated one side of the bread with nutella and the other with marshmellow fluff. When  I tossed it into the egg mix and then coated it in cracker crumbs, in their young eyes, I reached the level of EPIC mom. My parenting points went off the chart.


Just look at that ooey gooey goodness! The post I got my inspiration from toasted marshmellows and used Lindt chocolate… but with small people drooling all over my kitchen counters, I had to get in there and back out, or I was going to get eaten myself. Once completed, I served and I am not kidding you when I tell you that 10 minutes later the french toast was gone and I had four out of five small people asking for more!

Try it… you know you wanna!!

Inspirations: S’more Stuffed French Toast


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