High chair banner

I saw this on Pinterest, via an etsy store and after some serious contemplation over whether to just buy or make it, I decided to raid the $1 ribbon bins at Michael’s and make it myself.

This was so easy! I grabbed some double folded bias tape from Walmart, measured the circumference of the tray on the highchair, minus the back part that sits against my little one. Then I cut the rolls of ribbon to various lengths. Belatedly I realised that I should have cut them all long and just randomly shorten them. Ah well… live and learn!

Next step is to slide the ribbon between the edges of the bias tape and pin it in place. I continued all around the tape and left about an inch at each end with no ribbon.

Sew it down as close to the edge as you can, then remove the pins when you are done.

I then stuck self adhesive velcro triangles around the inside to help mold it to high chair tray.

And Voila! I LOVE it 🙂 It’s so bright and cheerful! I am hoping that I’ll be able to repurpose it for later birthdays. And now… picture spam to see it from different angles.

Originating idea link: Bright Ribbon High Chair Banner


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