Lalaloopsy Polka Dot Cake

And now the moment you’ve all be waiting for! Putting together the cake!


As mentioned in the  the previous post – Baking the actual cake, I used a Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix – but doctored it up to make it better:P I added more vanilla pudding, an additional egg, used milk instead of water and butter instead of oil. I also made rainbow colored cake balls, frozen them and baked them inside the cake so I would get a polka dot effect. Above you can see I have now “glued” the first tier to the cake stand with frosting in the first picture and then glued the second level on with more of the yummy cloud frosting.



I added the third tier and lined the cake stand with paper towel in an attempt to keep from making a mess with the frosting… Didn’t work out so well… Hindsight being 50/50… I should have used wax paper. Ah well…  It’s all about learning… right? Right! I also wanted the frosting to look rough like it is above… it is after all a Lalaloopsy cake, I thought this make the frosting look a little more like fabric. Kinda. Lol!


Since I didn’t figure out the brilliance of using wax paper until it was too late, I had to do something to cover up the mess I’d made at the bottom of the cake. I am about as far away from being a skilled cake decorator as you can possibly be, so my hubby jumped to my aid and made some shells with frosting at the bottom. The frosting was melting a little at this point, so it didn’t work out quite as well as I had hoped, but I was/am still happy with the way it turned out! Now I got to put on all the fun bits!!


First came the marshmallow fondant buttons that I had made. I forgot to mention in that post what a P.I.T.A they were to make. My problem was not the fondant or my apparent lack of will power to NOT eat it all… it’s made out of marshmallows after all! No… my biggest problem was finding circular cutters small enough to make the two sizes of buttons I wanted. I ended up using the cap for the pointy ends of my apple peeler/corer/slicer and a random cap I found in our junk drawer. Lol. Necessity is indeed the mother on invention 😉

Then came the candles and the stars of the show – Lalaloopsy Mini’s! I used DD#4’s favourite one’s on the top and front of the cake, knowing she would squeal when she saw it. On the top we have Spots and Zebra against the four and Bea and Owl sitting on the edge of the cake. At the bottom from left to right we have Jewel and Kitty,  Bear and Mittens and Sheep and Pillow.


The cake was quickly cut into with many squeals of delight and cries of Loopsies! My Loopsies! As you can see above, the polka dot cake worked out for the most part and with the additions to the batter, had a fantastic flavour.

So happy birthday DD#4, I know (well I hope) that this is something that you will remember!!


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