Oreo Truffle Brownies


Does this picture not just make you drool? How can it not? These are one of the most decadent things I’ve made in a long time and that’s saying something… especially since I made Nutella Marshmellow Bars this past weekend.

I happened to be wandering Pinterest… you know… as you do and I saw this link: Chef In Training: Oreo Truffle Brownies… they had me at Oreo Truffle. Really. I love those with an almost unholy passion… The added bonus to these? The brownie base is not too sweet, so it works well with the sweet oreos and the milk dipping chocolate on top.

Of course…. One of these decadent babies has 50 zillion calories, so I had to foist them off on friends too. I got  thumbs up  for the most part!

You have to try  making these. Your thighs might regret it, but they are super easy and super yummy!


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