Lalaloopsy Cake – Baking level cakes and marshmellow fondant


This amazing creature turns 4 today… FOUR! Where has the time gone? Wasn’t she just born yesterday? A screaming ball of beautiful anger? Lol. She nursed like a champion, in that she was like an angry starved hoover 😉 Now she is 4, getting ready to start school in August, is obsessed with anything Lalaloopsy or My Little Pony and adores her little sister.

She asked for two things for her birthday – a trip to the park and a Lalaloopsy cake. Easy right! After all, I have pinterest and a willingness to learn and experiment. I decided to use making this cake as an excuse for trying out some hints and tips that I had seen on the internet – because what’s written on the internet is always right? Right 😛

First up was attempting to get evenly baked, level cakes!

So I found this awesome suggestion: How to Bake Perfect Cakes (Baking Level Cakes)


I couldn’t find any of dish clothes that I could re-purpose, so I decided that an old cloth diaper would suit my purposes very well. It was just an added bonus that they were so hip and tie dyed. Well… I may or may not have chosen the purple tie dyed one over the plain pink dyed. Maybe. I held the wet fabric around the 10″ pans with mini binder clips, which worked out great!!


You can see that aside from  the bumps where the cake balls were, the cakes rose up relatively tall and level. I was thrilled! Why? Because I am really bad at leveling cakes and well, since I was attempting to make a polka dot cake for DD#4, I really wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have to attempt leveling it and end up cutting into the balls and ruining that effect.

Whilst the cake baked, I sat down to contemplate how to make this cake more Lalaloopsy-ish. Buttons and something that looked stitched came to mind. I thought and thought and thought. I then hit on the perfect idea. Marshmellow fondant! I raced to my baking supplies hoping to have marshmellows (highly unlikely considering that all my girl’s have inherited my candy detecting super senses). I got lucky! I had half a bag of mini jet puft marshmellows!

I snagged the instuctions here: Amy’s Cooking Adventures: Tutorial: How to make Marshmellow Fondant. I followed the directions to the letter, only I halved the recipe. I wasn’t going to need much!


I put the marshmellows in the microwave for 60 seconds and that was it! No need to do 30 second increments this time. I then stirred in about 3 cups of icing sugar. I don’t as a general rule, have crisco in the house, so I used this stuff: Bak-klene ZT Nonstick Baking Spray all over my counter and my hands. I will mention that I forgot to spray between my fingers. PLEASE, don’t forget that. Ugh… sticky mess!! *shudders*

I was busy making the fondant and coloring it, and completely forgot to take pictures of that process… but here is the end result!


Too cute! Right?! Well I think so! I am proud of myself… This was the first time I had handled fondant by myself. Yes… I did wrench my shoulder patting myself on the shoulder too 😉

Coming up in the next post. Making of the actual cake!


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