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Lalaloopsy Polka Dot Cake

And now the moment you’ve all be waiting for! Putting together the cake! As mentioned in theĀ  the previous post – Baking the actual cake, I used a Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix – but doctored it up to make it better:P I added more vanilla pudding, an additional egg, used milk instead of water … Continue reading

Lalaloopsy Cake – Baking the actual cake

I am the first one to advocate baking things from scratch. I think they taste infinitely better and I get more satisfaction from it. However, when your child asks for a specific cake and pulls the box mix off the shelf, flutters her big blue eyes at you and says it is her “favwit!” you … Continue reading

Owl Cupcake Cake

The first step in making this awesome cake was colouring the coconut. Despite the directions, I used unsweetened, shredded coconut. I find the flaked, sweet stuff to be… well awful. Far too sweet! The colours were actually light purple and green… stupid camera couldn’t get the colours right no matter how many times I moved … Continue reading