Hedgehog Cookies For Cheekymonkey

It’s a good friend’s birthday today and she loves two things aside from her husband and extra cute daughter. I knew she loved sock monkeys, but this past Christmas I learnt that she loves hedgehogs too. I’ve had these cookies pinned on my secret board ever since! I just knew Kirsten would love them.   … Continue reading

Tutorial: How to Make Bacon Carbonara

  Hi! This is the first in-depth tutorial I’ve ever made, so please bear with me. I am planning more in the future and am even considering vblogs! Maybe soon on that – I am about to make valentine’s cookies for one of my daughter’s snack day at school. Anyways, on to the show!! I … Continue reading

Lalaloopsy Polka Dot Cake

And now the moment you’ve all be waiting for! Putting together the cake! As mentioned in the  the previous post – Baking the actual cake, I used a Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix – but doctored it up to make it better:P I added more vanilla pudding, an additional egg, used milk instead of water … Continue reading

Lalaloopsy Cake – Cloud frosting

I love making frosting… butter cream, and cream cheese being two favorites. However, a couple of months ago I discovered Cloud frosting – also known as marshmallow frosting. I used it here: Snickerdoodle Cupcakes and fell in love with it! When I was planning DD#4’s birthday, I wanted to be able to make the cake … Continue reading

Lalaloopsy Cake – Baking the actual cake

I am the first one to advocate baking things from scratch. I think they taste infinitely better and I get more satisfaction from it. However, when your child asks for a specific cake and pulls the box mix off the shelf, flutters her big blue eyes at you and says it is her “favwit!” you … Continue reading

S’mores French Toast

    What do you get when you mix challah bread, marshmellow fluff, chocolate graham crackers and nutella? You get marshmellow chocolate heaven! My girls hung around the kitchen like little flies, watching with huge eyes as I mixed the eggs, vanilla and cinnamon. Their little mouths hung open in wonder at I coated one … Continue reading

Oreo Truffle Brownies

Does this picture not just make you drool? How can it not? These are one of the most decadent things I’ve made in a long time and that’s saying something… especially since I made Nutella Marshmellow Bars this past weekend. I happened to be wandering Pinterest… you know… as you do and I saw this … Continue reading

Brownie M&M Cookies

Since we are on winter break right now, my girls are home from school. It means that they are my constant, and I mean constant companions.  We were looking over pinterest and the girls saw these brownie cookies… we thought about it for a while, and decided that they needed M&M’s. When we were putting … Continue reading