Valentine’s Day Applique Heart Shirt


DD#4 came up to me and asked me to make her a special shirt – she was sad because recent events had made me pull her from her pre-school, and wasn’t getting to celebrate like her sisters.


I quickly threw together this quick applique t-shirt, using a small hanes t-shirt I had on hand (left over from out sharpie pen tie dye experiment) and some fabric scraps. I used the template I found here: Valentine’s Day Heart Template. I cut out the first piece, then trimmed the heart down to cut out the second piece and again for the third.

When they were cut out, I stuck them together using temporary fabric glue spray. Then pinned it together. I then sewed the second heart to the first one and the third heart to the second, using some of the fancy stitches that come on my sewing machine. I then pinned the heart to the shirt and sewed around the edges with a  close zigzag stitch. I love how rustic and homemade it looks and she adores it. The only time she has taken it off was at night. Awesomeness! Open-mouthed smile



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