Fat Quarter Drawstring Bag


I made this bag over the weekend for my dear friend Kirsten’s birthday. I like the idea of making something like this, that can be used for other things after the present has been unwrapped. I used four different fat quarters for this – one for the main exterior, one for the top of the bag outside, one for the inside lining and one for the strings.


The bag came out so cute! I am addicted to cute and easy, so I am definitely looking forward to making more of these. I know, before I could get it out of the house to the party, all five of my girls had tried to make off with this!

This is what I cut:

Main exterior:
Cut (2) 9"x10.5" pieces
Coordinating exterior:
Cut (2) 4"x10.5" pieces
Cut (2) 12.5"x10.5" pieces
Fabric for ties:
Cut (2) 32"x2" pieces -  ended up cutting the fat quarter into four 2” pieces, and then sewing them together to make 2 straps and then cutting those down to 32”.

This post’s inspiration: Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial


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