Skirt Refashion: Adult Skirt to Toddler Maxi Dress


I promise my blog is not all about the evil, delightfully delicious things I bake. No,  sometimes it’s about the clothes and then things I’ve sewn! For the next couple of posts I plan on showing you the things that I’ve made for my girls, or girl in this regard – DD#5 has been the main recipient of my sewing skills of late!


My DH brought me this skirt last year, but it’s not really my thing. It got well used this past Summer by DD#1, but she ripped it close to the bottom and I kept putting off repairing it. So when I started looking at more toddler diy projects on Pinterest, I couldn’t resist when I saw the one about converting a skirt to a toddler dress.


It turned out so cute too! It is lined, you might be able to see some of the liner down by DD#5’s right ankle and I used the pieces I cut from the sides to make the shoulder straps. The straps are gathered to produce the ruffled effect. It should grow with her as she ages, I plan to lengthen the straps or just cut it short into a skirt, or maybe make it into a romper for her. Ooo! I like that idea! Smile Stay tuned Winking smile

Post inspired by: Wardrobe Refashion: Thrifted Skirt to Toddler Dress


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