Hedgehog Cookies For Cheekymonkey

It’s a good friend’s birthday today and she loves two things aside from her husband and extra cute daughter. I knew she loved sock monkeys, but this past Christmas I learnt that she loves hedgehogs too. I’ve had these cookies pinned on my secret board ever since! I just knew Kirsten would love them.



They turned out so cute. I usually don’t have too much luck with chocolate – I usually make it seize. But this time I used the chocolate melter that magically showed up in my junk cupboard this morning. (According to my husband, he brought it for me for mother’s day three years ago… go me for not remembering and getting angsty when I ruined batch after batch of chocolate.)


I found, as a rule, the cookies spread during the cooking. So I would suggest that if you are making these (and I will be again!) To reduce the amount of butter to 3/4 of a cup instead of 1 cup. That might make the dough a little more stiff.

I got the shape by rolling the balls of dough in my hands into a circle, then rolling them side to side to make them more of an oval. Then a squeezed one end between my thumb and forefinger to make a little snout and tried to make the end pointy for the nose. I put the eyes and nose on with a matchstick. I dipped the back of the hedgehog into my Wilton Chocolate Melter. Then dipped it into crushed up walnuts, then when they were used up way before I was expecting, crushed up almonds.

My friend loved them, so that is the end goal right? Happy Birthday Kirsten!!

Inspired by: Six in the Suburb: Hedgehog Shortbread Cookies


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