Lalaloopsy Cake – Baking the actual cake

I am the first one to advocate baking things from scratch. I think they taste infinitely better and I get more satisfaction from it. However, when your child asks for a specific cake and pulls the box mix off the shelf, flutters her big blue eyes at you and says it is her “favwit!” you cave and get it… and promise yourself you will doctor it as much as possible.



DD#4 chose Betty Crocker’s Vanilla Cake with added pudding. I decided to help it along with some additional vanilla pudding. I apologize for the photo quality – my lovely camera first decided to disappear, and then when it reappeared… well it was covered in sticky finger prints and the batteries were dead. *sigh* In addition to the added pudding, I used the instructions here: Perfect Cupcakes From a Box Basically, you add an extra egg, substitute melted butter for oil and double the amount (Hello calories! Meet my hips!) and then use milk instead of water. Perfect!


I then put in the rainbow colored cake balls that I baked the day before and froze right until I got to this point.


And then covered the balls with more cake mix. I may or may not have started snacking on the left over batter before I remember that 1) it had raw egg in it 2) I needed it for the third cake. LOL!

You will have seen in the previous post: Lalaloopsy Cake 1 why the cake pans were wrapped up in purple tie dyed fabric. Just in case I forget to mention it again, I was making a cake based on the polka dot cake that seems to be so popular on Pinterest right now. You can see it here: Polka Dot Cake

Next up – Cloud frosting and putting the cake together!


3 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Cake – Baking the actual cake

  1. Am I missing something….I get to next up…and can’t find the rest?!? If I click on next I get taken to a free credit score page?? BTW I LOOOOOOOVE the polka dot cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

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