The Quilting Bug Has hit!

I wanted to decorate more than usual for Christmas this year. Usually we just throw up the tree, hubby tosses up some lights outside and we call it done. This year… this year I went a little mad I guess.


I wrapped up picture frames and tied them with bows to make them look like Christmas gifts. I got the deal of a life time on the stocking holder at Kirklands – I even went so far as to co-ordinate the wrapping paper with the holder – that might have been a little too far. I think the holder showcased the lovely work my Mum did on the kids Christmas stockings too 🙂


I used deco mesh from Sam’s Club in red and green to tie around some green garland to prettify our front entrance. Inspiration: Southern Fried Gal: Christmas Door – How I Do It I later added two gold bows to the top left and right corners to finish it off too. And had co-ordinating wreaths on both doors to match.


I then matched the inside window treatment with the outside, and stapled Christmas ornaments underneath. Originally the Christmas tree was going to go on the right hand side, but it turns out, I underestimated it’s size. LOL!

tree 1

I did mention before that I may or may not have a small obsession with owls yes? Anyways, I used the last of the ribbon and deco mesh on the Christmas tree, which tied everything in together and I still felt like I hadn’t done enough.


That’s when I decided to start on the quilted mats/table runners!


This was the first one I did… I like how the patches worked out, but the binding is less than acceptable. Lol! It would have been okay if I had decided to do the stitching in white, rather than red 😛 Ah well… we all learn and I learnt to co-ordinate thing on our first try out. It does however sit well and worked for what and where it was placed. I think I’ll add tassels to the sides before I pack it away at the end of this holiday season.


This was the second one I made. I measured out the top of the entertainment unit and then cut out the width from fabric I got at Joanns. I then basted it together with temporary adhesive spray, and backed it with quilt batting and some dark green fleece. I then just followed the lines on it to quilt it all together. I turned out really quite and very festive! 🙂 I even remembered to use co-ordinating thread, so you can’t see how messed up my straight stitching got. I used this awesome tutorial to get great corners on the bias tape too: Smashed Peas and Carrots: How to sew bias tape {part II} Corner Edition.

Finally I made this one!


It is my favourite by far. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to, to my very beginners point of view. So much so, that I am already contemplating making a new one for the after Christmas season to match all three places. Or maybe placemats… or maybe all of it! LOL!


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