Happy Birthday to my girls!

Christmas is a really busy time in this household. Not only do we have all the usual school holiday celebrations, but we have the actual Christmas day AND two birthdays in the same week. Yes… poor planning on our behalf I guess, but in reality, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


This past week, DD#2 and DD#3 turned 7 and 6 respectively. They are almost Irish twins – being 1 year and 3 days apart in age. They are my girly girls, my little Momma’s and they are best friends… most of the time. DD#2 has made some real bounds with her drawing this year and DD#3 has always been my airy fairy artsy baby, so when I saw these crayon totes online, I knew I had to make them!!


The one of the left I made for DD#2. I used pre-quilted material that I had picked up at Joann’s for another project and used wide double bias tape in a co-ordinating shade. I had a similar fabric, but in blue/green for DD#3, but I rushed that one so much, that I just couldn’t give it to her, and started all over with the one on the right. I call it the Scrappy Art Pouch! 🙂 This one, I followed the initial instructions fairly close, but I added the stripe of patch work down the middle and I quilted it myself with 2″x2″ squares set on a 45 degree angle. I then used the dark green bias tape to bind the edges and was very pleased with the results!!


Inside the top one I sewed on the lace to the pockets, but a moment of inattention made it so that I had to make the lace on the right top pocket folded down. The bottom Scrappy Art Pouch, I kind of learnt from my mistakes. I patchworked the top right pocket together and then made sure the lace wouldn’t get caught when I was sewing it onto the pouch. I also sewed down the enter of that pocket to make two pockets out of it. The one big mistake I did make on both was giving only enough room for 22 out of 24 crayons – but they haven’t noticed. Or if they have, haven’t commented.

I got HUGE squeals and kisses for these and it definately reminded me why I love making things for my girls when I can.

Art pouch inspiration came from : Geta’s Quilting Studio: Sewing a gift for a little girl


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