Getting back into the swing of things… Christmas Teacher Gifts


Things have been… hectic around here, so I decided it was easier to take a break from blogging, than get upset that I never have the time to keep all my blogs up to date. I’ve decided, in the interest of my sanity, to keep this one  – since I can’t help put trawl through pinterest and create things to eat or sew and my personal journal – which I located else where.  I am glad that those of you who stayed, had patience with me, and I hope to reward you with lots of updates of all the craftiness I’ve been up to!

I wracked my brain for weeks about what to give my girl’s teachers as a Christmas gift. I thought about cookies, but in the end decided that they would get too many treats like that, and infact DD#3’s Kindy teacher sent home a note requesting no snacks, candies or food of any kind. Since I am a Starbucks addict (green tea lemonade FTW!), I decided that I wanted to get them gift certificates… and it had nothing to do with wanting to pick up a drink at the time either… well, not much.  So, once I had the cards, how to give them to the teachers? In a card? Should I just buy one? Then I thought of DD#2’s teacher, her obsession with owls is almost as bad as mine. So the babies above were born!

Yes… I used two different patterns. Why? Because I am a pro procrastinator and left the making of these til the day before the last day of school… and I am also impatient. LOL. I  originally chose  this pattern : The Fat Quarter Owl Pattern and got all excited… repeatably clicking the check mail button in my inbox so I could get started. It didn’t arrive. ARG! So I went nuts a little and brought this one too: Owl Softie Pattern, which downloaded immediately. I set to work!


I am really irritated that I didn’t get any pictures without the gift cards in the owls. *sigh* Anyways, I picked up a fat quarter pack at Joann’s Fabrics, and followed the directions to the letter. I added a pocket on the front over the tummy, for the gift card and voila! Thanks to this cutie I got to try out applique for the first time and some of the fancy stitches on my sewing machine!


By the time I was done with owl #1, I got the other pattern from the first purchase. I delved into the my fat quarter stash again and came out with these!! They are too cute!! I added pockets again to both of them to hold the cards. Apparently they were very well received 🙂


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