Family Household Binder

I’ve seen these all over the place. I even had a kind of one I started at the beginning of this year, but it’s cleaning schedule just did not work with me… I spend so little time in the house during the school year, instead of being a help, it felt like I was failing if I didn’t complete everything.  However, as this new school year is approaching, it’s becoming obvious to even stubborn old me, that I need somewhere to keep all the forests of paper that will be coming home, and all the things I need to organise.  I scoured pinterest for lots of awesome printables, the links to which I will supply at the end of this post.

The first part of the binder is my calenders – yearly, monthly and weekly. I had a daily one also, but it was overkill. The monthly one and weekly one serve my needs. I am looking for a good holidays in 2012 and 2013 one, so I can estimate when the kids will be off school.

Next up I have my menu plan for the week, a panty and freezer inventory and shopping lists. Then a home maintenance – a daily cleaning list, monthly, every 2 month, 6 month and yearly check list for things to do around the house – like carpet cleaning, fire alarms, vent cleaning. Thrilling stuff 😉

Next up is the schedule I am going to try to stick to – on nights we don’t have piano practice or gymnastics. Lol. I am still working out the details of the pickup routine – doesn’t help that the county wants to change the drop off and pick up times to the same time… Not good when three different children go to three different schedules.

Then I have a blog planning section, one for this blog, one for my project 365 blog and one for the jam business we have. This is followed by folders for babysitters, school information and craft projects.

Finally I have personal folders. I have one, along with the girls and it’s in here that I will keep any important paper work or art work.

So basically, I have these areas in my binder:

  • Monthly, weekly and yearly planner
  • Meal planning, grocery shopping and inventory lists
  • Home maintenance
  • Daily Schedule
  • Important Info – kids clothing sizes, shoe sizes and allergy info
  • Blog planners
  • Babysitter info
  • Important dates
  • Craft projects
  • Contacts and phone numbers
  • School information
  • Family Members

Now, where’d I get all this neat stuff?

The binder I got at Target
The personalised cover I got at Iheartorganising, along with a weekly planner, an important date printable and a contact list printable
A lot of the other printables came from Miss Poppins who recommended this website: Prepared Not Scared – you have to scroll down to the day keeper links
The blog planner  was found here: Homeschool Creations



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