Kid Of The Day

I have five children. Five. Yes… F.I.V.E. All girls. I’ll let you think about that for a moment.

Done? Yes… It can be very overwhelming.  And loud. And fun. However, we are never far from the next world war… especially when EVERYONE wants to play with the box that a toy came in (because playing with the actual toy is for other people it seems). Or EVERYONE has to help in the kitchen or be plastered against your side. I saw this idea on pinterest and decided that it must be immediately implemented and you know what?! It works! So far anyways!

It was easy to make. I used a piece of scrapbook paper and trimmed it to fit inside a self laminating pouch. Then I chose the letters from the stock of pre-cut letters I  have. I then cut out two backing rectangles in a co-coordinating color. The one behind the photo is 4.5×6.5 and the one behind the words in 3×5.

I then printed out pictures of the girls old enough to participate in KOTD and laminated those too. Then I stuck a piece of magnetic tape on the top so it would attach to the fridge and then two velcro dots to attach it to the the poster on the fridge. Works out well! 😀

Originating link: Who’s The Kid of The Day?


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