The A Frame Tent

I’ve seen homemade tents pinned frequently and my girls always went nuts for them. So, I decided to make one! I had a bunch of material that I didn’t have a use for, and a quick run to the corner hardware store, and I was good to go.

Following the instructions on the original posters website I purchased:

4- 1” x 2” x 48”wood pieces
1- 3/4” x 48” poplar dowel
And then stole my hubby away from his computer so that she would use the required 3/4″ spade bit to make the holes in the wood.
I then measured out the fabric and cut it out – then the magic mis-measuring fairies hit, not once, but twice and I had to quickly add three panels so it would be even. Yeah… I have no idea on that one. Anyways, once it was together, I decided to add ties to each side, just to stabilize it a little more and added elastic around the top part of the frame because DD#5 was trying to rip off the tent cover. All in all though, this worked out really well!
And I was right… the kidlets LOVE it 😀
Originating link: DIY: A-Frame Tent

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