Mini German Pancakes

I wanted to try these as soon as I saw the picture. They just looked so awesome! The batter was super easy and I have to say, the were most spectacular when they came out of the over. They tripled in size whilst they were baking. I was thrilled. Unfortunately… they sunk before I could snap a picture with my cellphone at least and were really gummy.

I have to make them again and use less batter per cup I think… I hate it when things don’t work for me… I am not even going to mention the nutella meringues… don’t ask. *hangsheadinshame*

One bonus that came out of all this? I made a kickin’ strawberry sauce! I did get a bit over zealous with it, but what can I say? It was nom!the sauce took about 10 minutes to make. No joking.

Originating links: Strawberry Sauce and Mini German Pancakes


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