Bi-fold Wallet

I have a Ju-Ju-Be wallet. It is all shades of awesome. However, it does not fit too well into my pocket. And since I am not really a handbag carrying kinda girl, I needed something that would fit in my pocket, not be too thick and hold my important cards and whatever cash I might carry – I don’t usually use cash… plastic all the way. Anywaus… I searched for DIY wallet patterns on Pinterest and this was the one that seemed to have been repeated most often and it didn’t look too hard.

Lol! I was wrong! I just could not get the sizing right. Well, I could get the cut sizes right, but every time I’d get to sewing the lining on, it would be too small. Also, after I did the top stitching around the wallet, there was no way I’d be able to fit my debit cards, license or military ID card in there – the pockets were just simply too small and I was top stitching as close to the edge as I could get. I am so embarrassed by my first attempt of three, that I have not taken any pictures of it.

Shown above is my second and final attempt – I love the fabric on the first one there – I recently got a layer cake bundle and I loved those fabric swatches, heowever I ran into the same problem and ended up not attaching the snap and giving it to my daughters to play with. I am nothing but tenacious though. I hate the idea of failure, so I decided to make a few more adjustments to the pattern to see if I could get it to work!

The first change I made was to increase it’s over all size by one inch. Both width and length. For all the pieces. The next change I made was for the pockets. Since the original tutorial said that each pocket was supposed to be 4×5, I made mine 5×6, however, that still proved to be too large, so I took an additional 1/2 inch off, so the pockets ended up being 4.5×6 inches.

The last change I made was to make it buttoned instead of snapped. Why? Well mostly because I could and I loved these little owl buttons. Plus, my darling daughters had lost the snap kit between attempt number two and three *sigh*.

Finally a view of the cash inset. I LOVE this fabric. DD#5 has a peasant top and a dress made out it. Since I love owls so much, I couldn’t resist making it into something for myself.

Overall, this pattern was great. Clear, concise, and well illustrated. I just couldn’t get the dimensions to work, and in all honesty, I might have another go at this. The pockets are a little too large now, so the cards have a tendency to slide out. But, for now, I’ll stick with this one, it’s super cute and I feel really proud of myself for making it in the first place (*coughthreetimescough*)

Originating link: Bi-fold Wallet Tutorial


3 thoughts on “Bi-fold Wallet

  1. You did a great job! i have tried this tutorial 2 times now and for some reason my pockets look bubbled. They don’t lay flat against the wallet. And top part by where the bills go, isn’t the same height as the back piece. It’s very frustrating. haha I need to make adjustments but not sure what to do.

    Thanks for sharing@

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