Patchwork twirly skirt and dress

I’ve been busy recently with sewing projects, rather than smaller, and probably more fun for the kids, projects. Both of the projects pictured above were definite scrap busters and very time consuming, but the results were fantastic! I love the almost franticness (which I acknowledge to not being a word) of these homemade items. DD#2 practically lives in this dress and DD#1 was recently the envy of a slumber party she attended with her skirt. Woot!


DD#2’s dress ended up being a little too big, but that’s okay… she’ll have it for the next few years, and the added bonus? I can extend it’s use even more by making it into a skirt. The squares were 5″x5″ and I did five tiers. Each tier was about 1.5 times longer than the one before it.

DD#1’s skirt was made up of three tiers of 8″x8″ squares and two tiers of 5″ strips of fabric. All the tiers were, 1.5 times longer than the one before it.

I have also made DD#3 a twirly skirt, made out of strips of fabric, rather than patches. It’s such a versatile, forgiving pattern!!


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