Smoked salmon sandwich with avocado pesto and mozzerella cheese

Yum! Finally got some time to update with what I’ve been making this week. I’ve been so caught up with sewing, that I haven’t had enough time to make interesting new food items to show! Anyways, I saw this on Pinterest, and knew I had to make it!! I changed up the recipe a little to use up the smoked salmon I had and didn’t make the grilled apricot salad the original poster made – I don’t like apricots here in the US… the ones that are available in the store are tasteless 😛 Anyways…

This sandwich was super easy to put together. The avocado pesto was simple – 1 cup of fresh basil, olive oil, salt and pepper and half avocado, pulsed in the the food processor. I then spread it on some white mountain bread – both sides of the bread. I then layered on some fresh mozzerella, the smoked salmon and the other half of the avocado. I then put it in my cast iron skillet and cooked it til a darkish brow. When I turned it over, I added some weight to the top – by using a cake pan and a large bottle of olive oil. It helps with melting the cheese.

It was delicious and decadent. Nom!

Originating link: Grilled Salmon Sandwiches With Pesto Avocado Spread & A Grilled Apricot & Prosciutto Salad.


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