Tie Wrap Dress

Searching on Pinterest, I saw this Snap Wrap Dress from PrudentBaby.com and I knew I had some awesome, light, flowy fabric that would be perfect for it! It was a fantastic pattern, simple, but I did have a few issues. The bottom corner edges for the wrap, didn’t come together well… this was definitely my issue and not the pattern,but I think I’ll round it a little next til, to make sure it stays together.

You can kind of see what I am talking about here…

I also added tie backs to the dress. I felt it would stabilise the top of the dress more and it was so sweet! I cut two straps, 22″ inches long by 3 inches wide. I then straight sewed the side seams and added a V at the top so it was more ribbon looking. I then whip stitched it to the inside  of each side of bodice. The side of the bodice that is closet to DD#4’s chest, the tie goes across her chest and then through a button hole I made on the right hand side of the dress, then ties at the back with the other tie.

Like the original poster, I still think, if DD#4 was to wear this anywhere except at home, she would need to wear a pair of leggings under it. But over all, for a light summer weight dress, this was fantastic!! As a note to myself, make sure the button hole for the tie back is underneath the arm and bring it down lower next time. But… still pleased!

Originating link: Snap Wrap Dress


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