Tuscan Basil Pesto Thin Crust Pizza with Goat’s Milk and Mozzerella


Our basil plants are going off this year. They are just growing and growing and we don’t want to loose any of the wonderful that is sweet basil. I could just rub my face in it. In fact I have.

Since we wanted to use it in a variety of thing, hubby decided the best start was to make pesto. We used the same recipe as from the tomato caprese grilled cheese sandwich: Basil Pesto The difference this time, is that my hubby toasted the garlic a little before adding it to the food processor.

After that it was easy!! In this instance we used Pillsbury Pizza Dough, but it would be great with homemade dough!

You will need:
Pizza rolled out thin
Goat cheese
Fresh mozzerella
Salt and pepper to taste

Pic 1: Brush the pizza dough with the pesto – we would suggest  draining a little more of the oil off – it was a shade toooo greasy for us!

Pic 2: Sprinkle over the crumbled goat’s cheese.

Pic 3: Place on the slices of roma tomatoes.

Pic 4: Place on the slices fresh mozzarella cheese

Place it in a pre-heated oven (temperature to whatever is suggested on the packaging or the recipe for your dough) We baked ours for 13 minutes in our convection fan oven.

When it reaches it’s doneness level (we happen to like a darker crust on our thin pizza), take it out and crack some salt and pepper over it to taste. Then nom!



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