Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes

I wanted to make these the instant that I saw someone else post them. I was instantly enamored with them. I mean rainbows in cake form? What’s to hate? I mean really?

Make it was easy! I used two boxes of Betty Crocker super moist white cake mix for the cakes themselves. I also used duck eggs instead of chicken eggs. I prefer the way they bake in cakes. It’s a personal preference. I then used a mix of regular food colouring, neon food colouring and fondant colouring to get the colours I used. I will admit to being lazy and just using pre-made frosting too – Betty Crocker’s Vanilla if you are interested.

The biggest problem I had was forgetting the green layer.  Getting the already placed blue and purple layer up was difficult and caused the only breaks I had. My Hubby also “helped” when I had the cakes in the freezer and caused the weights I had on the cutting board on top of it to become uneven, so as a result the cake was uneven. *sigh* Cutting it was a little difficult too, but as the original poster commented, it was best done frozen, and I also found that if I ran the cutter under hot water to heat it between each cut, it did a lot better.

And now… picture spam of these awesome little cakes and DD#5 enjoying herself on her first birthday!




Originating Link: Teeny Tiny Rainbow Cakes


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