Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

This week is teacher appreciation week here. I was completely clueless about that until my hubby came home and told me… But thank goodness for Pinterest! I had pinned a whole bunch of things in preparation for end of year gifts, but now seemed like a good time to try one out and get a little more complicated when the school year was over. Soooo….

These were super simple. I got pint ball jars from Target and picked up M&M’s at Publix. I almost didn’t get enough! Wow! I filled the jars to almost the top and screwed on the lids. I hot glued ribbon around the lids – I choose a nice spring motif for the ribbon, even though it’s already hotter than hell here 😛

I then printed out the cards from the originators post and glued them to scrapbook paper to make little cards, which I tied onto the jar with simple kitchen twine. Voila! Done! I’ve already given two to DD#3’s teachers and they loved them. It’s great to see people enjoy the things I make 🙂

Originating Link: Teacher Treats


4 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

    • The original post had a link to a pdf file for you to download. Then I printed it. And I made the cards with scrap scrapbook paper I had lying around. 🙂

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