I’m bored jar

Thank goodness for Pinterest ideas… I swear! I’d seen this idea a couple of times and I’d been tempted to try it out… but our lives are so busy, I didn’t really think that there would be time to utilise it!. Until one afternoon I noticed how much time my girl’s were spending online or complaining about being bored.

So I went through my kidlets board (here if you are interested!), and found several post about these jars… along with a Mummy’s Ransom Box – stay tuned for that one!

The basic premise is to put slips of paper with activities written on them. They range from fun things – build a blanket fort, make cookies with Mommy and play in the sprinkler – to the not so fun – take out the trash, do one chore (Mom’s choice) and do your times tables.  You put all the different activities in the jar, and when the child utters those fateful words about their impending boredom, you say to them “Take a chance?” They will most likely take the chance of getting a boring activity, just to maybe get something exciting.

The very first time DD#3 used it… she got do one chore (Mom’s choice). I was nice… I let her help me clean the windows. Something that she loves by the way!

It’s been fantastic so far… I’ve watched my five year old and three year old play hide and seek for over an hour, had a picnic on the floor for breakfast and blown bubbles out the car window! Really… you should make one!

Originating links: Mom I’m Bored Activity Cards and I’m Bored Jar


2 thoughts on “I’m bored jar

    • I’ve been thinking about making a “Silly” jar… I write down all the things that I would like to do… no matter how silly they are and see about getting them done. Lol… like hand gliding… going on a roller coaster… make mud pies 😉

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