Sharpie Tie Dyed T-shirts

I apologise in advance for the picture heavy upload… the girls and I had a great time making this craft, and I couldn’t decide which pictures to get rid of and which ones to keep, sooo….. LOL! Also… apologies for the sideways pictures… my computer is having issues with rotation apparently. *sigh*

To do this you will need:

  • Plain t-shirts… I think white would work best to show off the colours!
  • Sharpie Markers. I brought an 8 pack on sale FTW!
  • Rubbing alcohol – 91% alcohol or it won’t work I believe!
  • Plastic cups – I used two different sizes. Large one and the small espresso ones I got from Starbucks.
  • Rubber bands

Put the cup under the front of the shirt, or where ever you want it. and then tighten the fabric over the mouth of the cup and put on the rubber band.

Now… insert pic spam of the designs we drew on the shirts…

Next up… using a dropper of some kind.. I used an old medicine dropper, drop the alcohol onto the design. You don’t need to use too much and watch it spread out. We didn’t use black or brown, as I was already concerned that the colours would get muddy with the girl’s being so exuberant with their designs.

And finally the end results! We had such a great time with this, so much so that I’ll be doing it again soon! I also took advantage of it all to make some onesies for DD#5. Her first birthday is coming up and I wanted to make her birthday party outfit 🙂

Originating Link: Tie Dye T-shirts With Sharpie Markers


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