Sock Bunnies

I almost died of the cute when I saw these earlier last week… and cursed the fact that I hadn’t seen them before Easter. I was not going to let that stop be however. What almost did stop me was my evil threenager who decided to break not one, but two sewing machines… The one I used all the time and the exact replica that my MIL had brought and that I had recieved when she passed away. *sniffles* The first one was destroyed by the thread cartridge being shoved with all the power a 42lb three year old can muster into the thread holder. That’s some powerful oomph there people. Plastic parts went crack and metal parts went ping! Hubby deemed it unfixable. *sigh* The second one… “What’s this Mumma?!” And she brings me the entire metal piece that had been the sewing arm. *cries* We still don’t know HOW she got that off.

Anyways, Hubby, being the lovely man that he can be, went and got me a Singer Fashion Mate 5500 and it works wonderfully. I used it to make these!! They are so cute and perfect for my mediocre sewing skills. I got the socks at Target for $2.50. And I already had the stuffing and the buttons. The instructions were super easy to follow and they turned out so cute!! I think my biggest complaint was the socks themselves… as you can see from the one above, the elastic started pinging withing 5 minutes of play time with my youngest.

I mediocre sewing skills extend to some meh embroidery skills for noses, but… I thought it gave them a lovely rustic look!

Originating link: A Sock Bunny (A Tutorial)


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