Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

I love snickerdoodles… I LOVE cupcakes. I thought that this was the perfect marriage of cookie and cake when I saw it on Pinterest. I immediately told my son about them and he promised me that he would help me out… he lives for snickerdoodles… and apparently snickerdoodle cupcakes will be like crack. Having never tried crack… I wouldn’t know, but OMG… these were outstanding.

In my previous post, I said I like making most things from scratch… but this time… I didn’t. I used a mix to make the snickerdoodle cookies themselves. I halved the recipe and tried to keep the balls small because they were going to be mostly decoration. I didn’t eat too much of the dough either… 😉

I loved how thick the cupcake batter was and it smelt awesome too. I completely failed to take pictures of putting it together, but you can see the end result here. LOL.

Whilst the cupcakes were in the oven (and being carefully watched!) I started on the frosting. I like butter cream, but I always find it kinda temperamental and far too sweet. I found a link for marshmellow frosting and it sounded like it would work really well with what I was creating.

I added 4 egg whites, 1 cup of regular granulated sugar and a pinch of salt to a bowl, placed the bowl over some simmering water and whisked like a crazy woman for 5 minutes – until the sugar had melted and the mixture was hot to the touch.

Once it was hot to the touch, I put it in my kitchenaid and whipped it for about  to 5 minutes, adding the vanilla at that time too. The originating recipe said 3 minutes, but I just didn’t get the right consistency at that point, so whipped it longer.

I was stoked when the cupcakes came out of the oven because for once they didn’t look like earthquake cakes! They were mostly even and well rounded. And so deliciously cinnamon-y!

I don’t actually own any piping bags, so as usual I put all the frosting into a gallon sized ziplock. Does the trick wonderfully! I cut the tip off the bag so it would push out a larger amount than usual too… worked out really well!

This is what happens when you finish frosting cupcakes, and unthinkingly put down the ziplock around a mischievous threenager. She paints your 11 month old with frosting 😛 *sigh*

These cupcakes were outstanding… light and fluffy. The frosting was fantastic for this too. It held up so well, kept it’s shape and looked awesome. It also had the bonus of not being too sweet, so it complimented the sweetness of the snickerdoodles rather than overpowering it like I think butter cream would have done.

DD#1 and her friend A certainly seemed to enjoy them!!

Originating links: Marshmellow Frosting and Snickerdoodle Duo


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