Bandana Dress

When I saw these this morning on Pinterest, I knew, that even with my mediocre sewing skills, I could make these. That being said… I completely messed up the first one I did by sewing the wrong sides together and then completely stuffing up the top where the ribbon goes… mad sewing skillz… I don’t have them πŸ˜‰ Or apparently reading instruction skills either. So… after throwing a tantrum over messing up the first dress, eating some left over Easter chocolate and contemplating making brownies with even more of that candy, I got back to work. Of course… I didn’t remember to take any pictures of the making process until the very last dress either. *sigh*

What you will need:

Two regular sized bandanas
Complimentary or whatever twill ribbon (I got both of these from Michael’s… on sale FTW!
A measuring tape
Something to lightly mark the fabric

Okay! To get started, put the right side of the fabric together. The right side being the brighter coloured of the two. Make sure the side and pattern match up as much as possible. Using the measuring tape measure the side down 9 inches on both sides. Mark the fabric here. Then sew from that mark from the top to the bottom. I used the edge of the seam already sewn in the bandana as my guide as to where to sew.

Then fold over the top to even on both sides. Since my bandanas had a double lined square, I used the top of the inside square as my guide. Make sure it’s wide enough for you to be able to thread the twill ribbon through it!!

The easiest way to thread the ribbon through the top is to attach a safety pin to it.Β  After I made sure both sides were even through out the top. I grasped one side and pulled in the fabric to bring it together. When it was drawn together to my liking, I sewed the sides over the ribbon down, so it couldn’t move and so the ribbon couldn’t twist and turn inside it’s pocket. I also sewed the ends of the ribbons to prevent fraying.

Last of all, trim off all the little ends like I completely forgot to do and VOILA! Dress! For about $2.50. Rock on!

And now… Picture spam of my middle three wearing their new clothes. Muhahaha!

I was really impressed with this picture until I realized she had peanut goobers all over her face... Sigh... she is a dirt magnet πŸ˜›


Originating link: Banadana shirt/dress


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