Playing with Ivory Soap: Part 2

I have to admit, when I first did the ivory soap experiment, I didn’t immediately think of making it into bath paint. In fact, I actually three out the first batch because the idea of using it in the kids bathroom had nightmare and mess written all over it. Especially with DD#4 being her usual threenager self. It was only threw a chance pin from another friend did I see turning it into bath paint, so they could make a mess, but be able to clean it up! Rock on! Added bonus? They’d clean themselves and the shower too. Woot!

It took a couple of days to complete this one, as hubby and I made a last minute trip to Baltimore, so by the time we got back here, the soap had dried out and was extremely crumbly!

Unfortunately for me, our blender decided to take a nose dive off the counter magically… *eyes the aforementioned threenager* So I tried the magic bullet blender that we had. Yeah… no, that didn’t work. Then I decided, since it was so fine and crumbly, I’d just mix it by hand.

It came together quiet well, but was lumpy. I tried to squish the lumps out, but they stubbornly held out. It was very gluggy for want of a better term.

By the time I got it into the dishes to mix the colours in, it had set up a lot!! I found that the neon colouring worked the best. I did not like the way the purple and orange turned out with the regular food colouring. We added a bit more boiling water and mixed it all up!

It kept on glugging up on us though, and I am sure it wasn’t helped that we didn’t get to use it that night in the bath. Activities and time got in the way. So it was a couple of days before we got to play with it.

As you can see, it was not squishy at all, and didn’t stick to the wall at all. It even stayed clumped together and floated on top of the bath water! So I’ve decided that we’ll try this again at a later date – I mean, who doesn’t like seeing soap explode? And pick up a cheap blender somewhere. Maybe it will work better then!!

Originating link: Fluffy Bathtub Paint


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