Making Egg Cups


I saw a project for making egg shell candles and desperately wanted to make them. One problem… no egg cups. None. Nada. Yes, I could have gone out and brought some, but honestly, I wanted to reuse something I already had and I didn’t want to have to spend more money. I noodled it around for a couple of days and settled on making egg cups out of egg cartons. But they just wouldn’t look right. I wanted something that looked like… well an egg cup. Then inspiration hit! I would use some of the millions of plastic eggs I had lying around the place since last Easter! Brilliant!!! A little hot glue, some plastic egg basket grass and voila!! Egg cups! Woot!

I love the colours... and I think they are cute!!


No originating link… I am sure someone else has thought of them, but I haven’t seen em before, so until I find another person… I’m the originator 😉


2 thoughts on “Making Egg Cups

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