Easter Egg Candles

I fell in deep smit with the Easter egg candles when I saw it. I just HAD to make them. The looked so awesome and fun to do! As I commented in my previous post: Making Egg Cups I had no egg cups to hold these little pretties, so I made some!

First of all, I had to remove all the inside of the eggs. I decided to go with an even dozen, purely because I had a few recipes that I needed that many eggs for. The girl’s loved helping to get the yolk and whites out. I actually found it easier to polk a hole in the top of the egg with a tine of a fork rather than a needle. I felt that it gave me something better that I could manipulate and control the pressure I was exerting.

I used the awesome free range eggs from some friends of ours, so I ended up with one being already dyed 😉 I kid. The one of the bottom right was laid by and Easter egg Chicken. Also known as an Aracuna.

A rainbow of egg dye. I used a packet of Paas egg dye, and just used water, as like the original poster, I didn’t want the colours to be too vibrant.

I loved how the inside dyed darker than the outside!!

Once the eggs were dry, I added the wicks (2 inch) that I got from Michael’s and followed the directions for melting the soy wax in the microwave. All up the entire craft cost about $5. I was lucky enough to get both the wicks and the wax on clearance!!

They turned out just like I hoped! They were so pretty as they were twinkling on the table. Definately worth the work. I’ll be making these again! Thanks to paintcutpaste.com for posting this awesome craft!

Originating link: Eggshell Candles – paint cute paste


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