Making a Naked Egg

Once I saw this experiment on Pinterest, I knew I had to do it with my girls.  To do this experiment in osmosis, you will need: eggs, vinegar and clear containers.


Put the eggs carefully into the containers – We used two full sized mason jars and 1 pint sized one.


Pour in the vinegar, enough to cover the eggs, don’t be surprised if the egg floats. That’s normal.

We saw almost instantly the reaction between the vinegar and the egg shells. We then left them on the counter for four days… which is approximately two days.

After rinsing the vinegar off and the last slimy pieces of the the egg shell, we got to play. Believe me when I tell you it was a very funky feeling to hold and touch and egg like this! It was super squishy!

The egg (which was a farm fresh, large egg), had also grown larger, this was due to the vinegar moving through the thin membranes of the egg in a process called osmosis. According to the website I got the info from: Osmosis equalizes – or makes the concentration of water on both sides of the egg membrane the same. This means the egg will swell as the water moves inside and get larger. How To Make A Naked Egg

Of course, the inevitable happened with children and two out of three eggs were squished in very short order. Which caused many tears, but we ended up having a lot of fun with the yolks!

Originating link: How to make a Naked Egg


4 thoughts on “Making a Naked Egg

  1. LOVE IT!!!! I remember making these all the time when I was a kid!! What a fun and rather inexpensive experiment for the kids! Cheap summer entertainment!!

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