Lemonade cupcakes with fresh raspberry frosting


Mmmmm! Once I saw these on the food boards, I could not resist… even though my waist line wishes that I had! 😉 They looked so light and summery and well, anything with fresh raspberries is going to get an instant vote in my world.  The only things I would do differently next time, is to strain the raspberries to remove the seeds,  and to ice them a little differently. LOL! I had a lot of help from my friend’s daughter Meg too, which was fantastic. She loved baking with me! ❤

Measuring out the ingredients is serious business!

The bonus to filling cupcake pans... licking your fingers. Hard at work!


Meg didn't like getting the batter on her fingers so much, but really enjoyed herself otherwise!


Using a gallon sized ziplock bag to frost the cupcakes. Useful trick!


Definately need to do something different with the frosting, but these were so good!


Over all the flavour of these cupcakes were outstanding! They were so light and moist, definitely a keeper and I’ll most certainly be making them again. Maybe for Easter with some Cadbury eggs on the top!

Originating link: Lemonade Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Frosting



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